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Time to get your head out of the numbers and enjoy your Sundays, your way.

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On Tap.

Real-time accounting and analytics for growing businesses.

From £375 per month

Cut to Fit.

Bespoke accounting and analytics for growing businesses.

From £375 per month


Precise accounting and analytics for growing businesses.

From £375 per month

For ambitious start-ups and small businesses

A service designed to support you as you grow.

Taking the burden of bookkeeping off your hands and managing all your accounting essentials is just the beginning. With a designated finance expert at your side, we're also committed to bringing you insight that will help your business grow. From bespoke data analytics to help you track how your business is performing today, to a whole range of growth planning support to help you forecast for tomorrow.

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The Essentials

As part of the Propel by Deloitte service you'll have all your accounting and compliance essentials covered in one place, including: 

The core

  • Online accounting package of your choice 

  • Preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns 

  • Full bookkeeping service 

  • Preparation and submission of year-end accounts 

  • Monthly management reporting

  • Preparation and submission of annual corporation tax 

Bolt ons

The Dashboard

From your cash position to your website traffic, the dashboard is driven by live data feeds to give you a real time view of how your business is performing. Log in any time, any place and use your bespoke dashboard to help you take action when you need to. 

  • Accurate, up to date financial information, powered by your Propel by Deloitte accounting service. 

  • One place to measure the things that matter most to you, with simple integration of best in class apps. 


The Expert

Providing you with robust numbers you can trust and reporting you can rely on, your personal Expert is there to support you as you grow. As a fully qualified accountant, your Expert will run your accounts in the online accounting package of your choice, deliver your monthly management reports and look after all your compliance requirements.

But on top of these essentials, your Expert is committed to helping your business grow, so they'll be the one to go to if you need additional support. Whether it's answering the question keeping you up at night, getting investor ready, or expanding into new markets, you'll have one person to ask, with the breadth of Deloitte behind them. 

The Growth Planner

With your accounts in shape, and numbers you can rely on, you're in a strong position to forecast for the future, but sometimes that's easier said than done. That's why we've designed an additional suite of growth planning services to supplement your core package if and when you need it.

From creating a budget, to forecasting cash flow, to bespoke scenario planning for investors, we work with best in class technology to help turn your ideas and ambitions into practical plans and real opportunities.

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Cash flow forecasting

Every business strives for a healthy cash flow. We can provide robust, forecasting so you can anticipate and manage your cash flow, and deliver important insight to your investors.

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Budget planning

A comprehensive and realistic budget plan is critical for a growing business. As well as helping you prioritise and allocate spend, we can also help you track actual spend against estimates, alerting you of any overspend along the way.

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Bespoke scenario planning

Sometimes testing assumptions with data is the only way to ensure you have an informed growth strategy. Whatever scenario you are planning for, we can work with you to gather the right data and apply relevant analytics tools to find the answers to your key questions. We can then help you turn this insight into practical action plans. 

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Identifying risk

Managing your finances needn't be a risky business. We can help you understand when a risk becomes critical, setting triggers to ensure you are always one step ahead, whether that's monitoring your loan covenants or overdue payments.