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6 ways Propel helps grow your business

6 ways Propel helps grow your business

1 Thousands of friends and contacts

We are purposefully a separate entity from Deloitte. This independence enables us to be agile, and work in the collaborative way our customers want us to work. The global powerhouse of Deloitte is there when we need it and, more importantly, there when you need it. In Propel we aim to introduce the innovative start-ups we work with to our larger clients – everyone loves to hear about a business that could make their lives easier! We also try to use the Deloitte network to help make useful introductions to our customers – this could be through our investor readiness programme where we make introductions to the right type of investors, or networks that focus on social enterprises. There are so many ways that we are utilising the powerful Deloitte network to help Propel clients grow, you’ll discover a network that adds another dimension to your growth potential.

6 ways Propel helps grow your business

2 Accounting that counts

We do accounting. That’s our baseline. We do exploring too, and that’s where new opportunities lie. Accounting is about getting the essentials of a business right and knowing how to grow your business. It’s about extending your talents by getting a little help from others. When we launched Propel in June last year, Peter Harris and Gemma Taylor had spent months and months in the company of small business owners and entrepreneurs, delving into what their common challenges were. Accounting was one, but translating numbers into actionable information to drive winning business decisions was another. This is now what Propel does – delivering a growth engine for businesses with great ideas.

6 ways Propel helps grow your business

3 Human Intelligence

Typical accountants don’t cut it on the Propel team. We look for figures fanatics with long-range vision: Human Intelligence that adds energy, smart and savviness that injects inspiration, and common-sense that makes unusual progress for our customers. These are spreadsheet supremos who like to spread their wings. Our experts come from different backgrounds with a wide range of varied experiences. They love making life easier for our customers. It’s how we help make you great.

6 ways Propel helps grow your business

4 We genuinely care about your business success

Involvement is important to the Propel team. It’s how we make accounting real. We channel an enormous amount of time and effort into genuinely understanding our customers’ business challenges and goals. By understanding the product or service in intimate detail, we get the sort of insight into growth ambitions that helps us make an added value contribution to your success. I’ve sat on some of our customers’ sitting room floors while they weave textiles. I’ve watched a customer create a masterpiece of high-end glassware live in his studio. I’ve seen the magic of creativity coming to life; and shared the excitement of seeing limitless potential being unleashed.

6 ways Propel helps grow your business

5 We have highly developed techno genes

Tech is in our make-up. This slightly nerdy but very essential quality means we know the app world, and get to best solutions fast. Through a process of natural selection, we’ve built a range of apps for top-form business relevance; ready and waiting in a single Propel App Store. Our hand-selected apps represent the best solutions on the market. They can be simply plugged into a business to provide a multi-functional range of capabilities – like electronic Point of Sale, inventory systems, marketing campaigns – all harnessed in the Propel dashboard. We have great relationships with some of the most successful app developers around; great players to have on your side.

6 ways Propel helps grow your business

6 A world of opportunity, crammed with brainy people

Deloitte in the UK has 14,000 people. Deloitte worldwide has over 245,000 people – that’s Arsenal’s Emirates stadium at capacity four times over. Think about all the knowledge that those people will have amassed – it is vast. One of the benefits of Propel being part of this network is that we can exploit this knowledge to help you grow. Even better, as your business grows you can be assured that Deloitte will be your trusted partner along the way.

Propel is not just business, it's personal

How often do you get the time to kick back and take stock of your business concerns, or make your downtime count; doing something different?

Propel is not just business, it's personal

How often do you get the time to kick back and take stock of your business concerns, or make your downtime count; doing something different?

Our eBook takes you step by step through how easy it can be to outsource your accounting while expanding your capabilities. Propel is agile accounting, where we get hands on involved (as much or as little as you want us to) to help you drive growth. We’ll even scour the Deloitte network of hundreds of thousands of customers to get you opportunities that could help everything go a little faster, smoother, and smarter.

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