We offer our core package on an affordable, flexible monthly subscription basis, with pricing tailored specifically for each of the businesses we work with. Prices start from £350 per month.

Our bespoke pricing model takes into consideration the size and complexity of your business - such as the number of employees you have, the number of bank accounts you use, and the volume of transactions that go through your accounts each month.

Examples quotes

A small start-up with 1-3 employees, 1 bank account and under 50 bank transactions per month would typically pay £350 per month.

A larger business with 15-25 employees, three bank accounts, and over 500 transactions per month would typically pay £1500 per month.

Looking for a personalised quote?

To discuss the details of your business for a more accurate quote, get in touch to arrange a convenient time to talk. We can also offer bespoke extras and additional bolt-ons to fit your specific needs, just speak with the team to find out more.