Client Story


Jacob Wedderbun Day, CEO, Stasher

What made you look for an accountant and what problems were you facing?

When we started to expand and scale our business, we realised that accounting was quickly going to become time consuming. It made sense to take on professional accountants to support us.

How did you hear about Propel by Deloitte?

We won a free session through a London and Partners event, a 1 to 1 session with one of their experts. That’s where we were introduced to Propel.

What are the three benefits of working with us?

The first reason would be the reputation – the name Deloitte is much respected and it definitely helps with our investors. The second is the quality of service and the fact that the team is very easy to work with – very flexible and attentive. The last reason is that Propel, as part of Deloitte, has access to a wider and bigger network which we would not have through a regular accountant.

How have you used our technology to scale?

I have not had time to dig into it yet but the dashboard was a selling point for us. It enables us to access financial data very easily and is a great way to keep up with our cash flow. You have all the necessary information in one place – it provides a complete financial picture.

Would you recommend working with us and why?

Yes definitely. The Financial Experts we liaise with are easy to speak to and really know their stuff. They go above and beyond to help us and I trust them, in the knowledge that I am getting good quality advice.

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