Client Story


James Day, Co-Founder, Mous

What made you look for an accountant and what problems were you facing?

We always intended to be a fast growing start-up. We had sophisticated needs and were out-growing the capabilities of our existing bookkeepers. We needed an accountant with a strong brand and trusted by our clients, investors, and regulators.

How did you hear about Propel by Deloitte?

We were put in contact with Mark Doleman, Lead Partner at Propel, and discussed ways to work together. We talked through the different offerings and chose the one that fit our needs most.

What are the three benefits of working with us?

Our business model (mixing tech and finance) means that we have complex questions (about transfer pricing, overseas payroll for example) – a normal SME accountant would not have the depth and expertise to help us with those questions. Propel gives us access to wider Deloitte and its network of experts. Our account manager has been great in supporting us – very responsive and professional. We also like the way Propel brings technology in their services and are open to experiment.

How have you used our technology to scale?

We’re very excited about the new FUTRLI dashboard – it’s much more relevant and timely than previous iterations. The dashboard provides all the insights we need in one place.

Would you recommend working with us and why?

I would recommend working with Propel – the proposition is strong, it provides affordable access to a Big 4 firm for small businesses without losing quality. Propel has the knowledge and the expertise to deliver.

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