3rd June 2020

Legal and financial responsibilities: Get it right every step of the way

In business, certain things fall under the bracket of ‘you’ve just got to do it’. There are legal and financial obligations that every company in the UK must meet and as an owner / director of the business it is your responsibility to ensure that these are met, This article details your key legal and financial responsibilities at each step of your business journey.

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28th January 2020

A guide to share structures and getting the balance right.

This article provides an overview of share structuring for start ups including the benefits and negatives associated with doing so.

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17th December 2019

Forecasting and improving cash flow.

If you’re running a business, you’ve likely heard some variation of the phrase: cash is king. It’s repeated because it’s so true. If there’s no cash, there’s no business.

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5th November 2019

Set yourself up to grow: how compliance factors into the business growth journey.

Compliance is part of your responsibilities as a business owner. Propel's article provides a simple overview of the UK tax and accounting landscape and details on how to complete R&D, Corporation Tax, Annual Statutory Acounts and much more.

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9th August 2019

Compliance for tech start ups

Compliance is an often overlooked part of the business growth process. Getting your structures right and your compliance and accounting spot-on aren’t just boring necessities; they are the platform from which your start-up can lift off. And, are particularly pertinent to young tech companies.

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6th August 2019

FinTech: Essential technology and emerging trends for 2019

Join Deloitte Propel for a panel discussion which explores: emerging fintech trends, the industries likely to be disrupted by fintech, the opportunities (and risks) associated with the use of fintech, and where to go to find out more about what’s happening in the fintech space.

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18th June 2019

Accounting responsibilities as your business grows...

We know how many hats small business owners have to wear on a daily basis. Before you get down to doing what you know best, there are a number of financial responsibilities that must be in place as your business grows. Accounting tech has made many of these tasks easier to handle, however an experienced accountant could save you a lot of time and stress. Here are the main obligations you must have in hand as you scale up:

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15th April 2019

The essential startup checklist

New startup on the block? We outline the key first steps - from business planning and branding to setting up a company bank account and sourcing the right ecommerce system.

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20th March 2019

Accounting Technology: simplify and grow

How to choose the best accounting technology for your business.

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31st January 2019

Making Tax Digital: seizing the momentum in the era of digital tax

Learn more about the Making Tax Digital regulations

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9th January 2019

Companies House compliance made easy

A guide to keeping company records and the regulation behind them.

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18th December 2018

Time flies, especially in business.

Time flies, especially in business. As you hustle, harry and plan to make your business thrive, the days and weeks can slip by so quickly. Case in point: it’s nearly 2019 if you can believe it and Christmas is upon us.

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